Helpers Wanted

We start building Requests app users base. On the first step we search for Helpers that can solve Requests in the following categories:

  • Shopping advice for electronics, fashion and more.
  • Online services assistance - assist with online various services.
  • Knowledge - provide learning tips and assist with homework.

As Requests helper you can earn money from doing simple tasks, that other users find it difficult. Many times, few minutes with "expert" save hours of wasted time. As Helper your task is to save other users time, by helping them with their small issues.

There is no limit for what Helper can do as there is no limit for types of Requests. The only limit is that Requests app forbid illegal activity. Make sure you read the terms of service before you start.

To start you will be asked to load your Wallet with PayPal payment. Make sure that PayPal address provided in your profile is exactly the same as you use for loading the Wallet or else we will not be able to tell which wallet to credit.

Note that Requests app does not deal with actual money, it is only manage a Wallet that holds the amount of your balance. The actual payment is handled entirely by PayPal.

You pay only for locking a Request you want to handle. Note that in order to prevent users from locking requests without reason, we charge your wallet each time you lock a Request.

We charge small fixed fee for each Request you lock. It means that the money you earn from solving the Request is entirely yours!

Why waiting? Vising Requests website and get started.