The State of the Content

We change the way web user experience information. 

Instead of putting information on centralized sites we prefer to distribute it on Glasses. 

The information is all around us associate with context and vary conditions.

You don't bring user to the information you bring information to the user wherever user is and whenever relevant by .

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 'From Idea To Fruition' - Innovation & Consulting for Startups

Rhizome Networks has developed a unique methodology that uses Drupal CMF (Content-Management-Framework), for creating SaaS services and web apps.

We help startups to cross the barrier of  creating a "New Product" and turning dream and vision into reality.


Rhizome Networks help startups to cut the costs of bringing a new product to life, by offering a service for developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Once the startup has the MVP in hand, it can be tested on customers, and only then after getting customers feedback and making the adjustments, to hire an operational team that will take the product to the next level. 

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Content Glass Cloud

Rhizome Networks is developing a network of cloud services, that provides an infrastructure for building social and collaboration  apps.

Our cloud holds generic services such as account, messaging, billing, organization, review and more. 

These services are used as building blocks for higher level services, such as Requests, Clicks, Website-glass and more,  hat provide the business-logic for collaboration apps.

Collaboration Apps

Rhizome Networks is using Content Glass Cloud for developing collaboration apps.

Some examples: Requests, Clicks, Website Glass, and more.  

We would love to cooperate with mature teams and companies based on Innovation/Operation revenue-sharing model. 

Currently looking for a company that will take the operation of Requests add and bring it to market.
State Oriented Sharing

We change the way web user experience information. The classic web metaphor of information is made of sites - information is centralized is end points that link with each other. The Content-Glass metaphor of information is made of layers.

Content Glass

Information is layered all around us.
 Our current state and conditions set the relevancy of what we will see.

Content Packs

Collaborate for selling content packages, and offer customers more content for less price.


Clicks, a ContentGlass-2 app, uses content-glass to make web collaboration as easy as clicking a button.

Message In a Bottle

Discover how less is more. MIAB takes content-glass into gaming with psychological added value. 


Get help by posting Requests.

Make money by solving Requests.
A real social web.


Content Glass of ad campaigns where real people are the actors that trade with their own media. 

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Get help by posting requestsHelp with online services, purchase advice, software support, help with homework and more. There is no limit for what you can request for as long as it legal.

Using Requests app web user can earn money and help other users by solving simple tasks.

Search requests and select a Request you want to solve. 

Set your bid and lock the Request.
Wait for Requester to approve and once approved you can both collaborate for solving the problem.

Once done, set the Request to pending-payment, get the pay and close the Request. 

You pay only small fixed amount for locking the Request. Requester's payment is all yours.

The new social web

Requests takes social web to beyond sharing and walls, to the realm of act. Requests takes you beyond ideas and to the field of true problems and true help. It is not pretending to be 'social'. It is social!

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Why use Requests?

Are you wasting hours to find the right product? Are you breaking your head on understanding how to use digital services? Are you finding yourself lack of help with necessary house tasks? Do you need fast help with homework but no one around can help? Does software renewals, software support or generally speaking 'crazy' automation of things leave you confused?

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Earn Money from Requests

Earn money by solving simple Requests tasks. Tell your friend and earn even more.

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Website Owners

Your website is not only reading portal. It is also a meeting point for users that share common interest. There are many ways to add sharing of toughts into your website but why not taking sharing to next level?

Increase customer engagement with your website by embedding Requests IFRAME. 

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Get started with Requests  New
Whet can you do with Requests?

Requests is a web and mobile app that brings together two types of users. Requesters and Helpers

Requester: get help by posting a Request for help. Request can be of any topic, need help with online services, need for purchase advice, need fo software support, need help with homework and more. 

Helper: view Requests and earn money from solving simple issues.

Set your bid and lock the requests you want to handle.

Help the requester and collect the agreed fee. You pay only for locking requests. Requester's payment is all yours.

Feel Content Glasses

We invite you to experience the world of content differently. For thousands of years humanity shared information on walls. On 21 century we think its time to get out of the cave. 

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  • State Oriented Sharing
  • Glass State Widget
  • Augmented Reality
  • Blockchain
  • Stats Glass
  • Clicks App
  • Requests Glass
  • Ads Glass
  • Content Packs Glass
  • Webtops Glass
  • Events Glass
Earn Money from Requests app

We start building Requests app users base. Are you interested in jumping to new land of social web? If yes, read this article. 

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"We drive content to users wherever they are".
Rhizome Networks with its Content-Glass platform change the way web user experience information. Instead of asking the user to visit the information on its site, we bring the information to states of user. 
Gilad Tiram CEO